Compréhension scientifique et développement technologique basé sur la vision artificielle pour la reconnaissance et la traduction du langage des signes continu"

Partners' links

CRIC (Technical Coordinator)- System Integration and Framework Development www.cric.cat

RWTH (Financial Coordination)- Sign Language Recognition and Translation www-i6.informatik.rwth-aachen.de

University of Liege - Feature Extraction (Image Analysis) www.ulg.ac.be

European Union of Deaf www.eud.eu

Radboud Universiteit Nigmejen - Scientific Understanding of Sign Language www.ru.nl

Telefonica I+ D www.tid.es

Jane - The RWTH Aachen University Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Toolkit.
An open source toolkit for hierarchical phrase-based translation. www-i6.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/jane/

Interesting Links

Cordis cordis.europa.eu/fp7/home_en.html

Dicta-Sign (another EC funded project working on sign-language recognition) www.dictasign.eu

Home pages of the ECHO corpus and the Corpus NGT: www.let.ru.nl/sign-lang/echo | www.ru.nl/corpusngt

The Sign Linguistics Corpora Network: www.ru.nl/slcn www.signlanguagecorpora.org

The recognition system is an extension of the publicly available large vocabulary speech recognition system RWTH-ASR www-i6.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/rwth-asr/

Many new computer vision related extensions are based on the freely available OpenCV image processing library opencv.willowgarage.com/

Interviews to the native signer (German Sign Language) working in RWTH: www.vibelle.de/content/view/4304/188/ | www.vibelle.de/content/view/4025/807/

Europe ec.europa.eu/index_en.htm

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