"Scientific understanding and vision-based technological development for continuous sign language recognition and translation"

The Consortium

The consortium is formed by four research centres, an important industrial partner and an association representing the deaf community as end-users. This project is coordinated by CRIC (technical) and RWTH (financial).

Those are the four research centres and their main roles:

Scientific Understanding of Sign Language (phonetic markers, sign and sentence boundaries, co-articulation, etc)

Feature Extraction (Image Analysis)

Sign Language Recognition and Translation

System Integration and Framework Development

Although the aim of the project is not the development of a commercial product, the future exploitation of the project outcome will be taken into account from the set-up of the system specifications and also during the technology development. To this end, Telefónica I+D has been incorporated to the consortium as important industrial partner with a strong interest in SignSpeak technology, and The European Union of the Deaf as representative part of the deaf community as end-user.


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